Magical Food - Why I Fat

Assalamualaikum and Hello there.

Magical Food - Why I Fat

It has been quoted - You are what you eat. Similar with me. I am what I eat. I eat you. I eat him. He's even eaten by me. Vice versa or else I or me eat him or he. No else. I am hunger for him. Hunger for his touched. Hunger for his love. Where is he? :(

Love is a magical food. Once you tried, you want it more. It seems like you meets your apetite. It doesn't care either it sweet or bitter or so on as long its only you can feel the deep inside of the love taste of.

I have been being taste and still taste on what love is. Thank you Allah for giving me such food. I am so gorged (did I mentioned I am hunger before? Fake!).

Some people asked me - Nad kenapa kau gemuk doh? Frankly speaking, gemuk-or else-fat those big-things does'nt make any sense on me. I fat because his love. Hahaha well, love is a magical food *Looser sign on your head. I eat eat eat and eat eat (still eating now) because of him. So I don't care.

What can you do with your Barbie-doll-figure yet you are.. Forever alone? *Troll face. World today are nothing even you got a big pocket while there's no love fly around you. Money can't buy love but love can buy you money.

So lets eat more love and getting obesity. Obesity on love doesn't cause fatal. It maybe hurt sometimes but yet don't forget.. Uh-uh, LOVE IS A MAGICAL FOOD - It gorged you, and made you hunger for it. So thus, sometimes it lasts in love sometimes it hurt instead.. (Oh, it's Adele!)

Hunger for love,
Naddy :)


  1. healthy life is suck,f#ck with those cholesterols!!,life is short,eat harder!bigger!unleash your eating desire...ahhaaa

  2. Hahaha full of anger? Dang man! Go eat go big!